Every Business Needs a Marketing Plan

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Every Business Needs a Marketing Plan

Every business needs a marketing plan and yet many overlook this important aspect of building sales and growing their business.

Today I am going to share with you some strategies for developing a marketing plan that can guide you and your business through the marketing maze and help you to find your marketing sweet spot.

In true Visual Art Dallas style, I will share an awesome infographic (my idea of marketing visual art) related to developing a marketing plan for your business.

What is a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is a plan that outlines a business’s advertising and marketing goals for the coming year. It should contain many things including, but not limited to the following:

  • Description of the marketing efforts currently in effect at the business.
  • Description of the specific market you are targeting.
  • Description of the marketing goals of the business.
  • Strategies for achieving the marketing goals.
  • An assessment of the business’s competition.
  • The budget available for marketing and the strategies for using the budget.

An important aspect of a marketing plan is the companies ability to analyze the marketing strategies in real time and adjust the plan based on what is successful and what is not.

Below you will find today’s visual art entitled 6 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Marketing Plan.


Marketing plan


Let’s go over the 6 easy steps to developing your own marketing plan.

  1. Collect Data – It is very important to be thorough here and don’t leave anything to chance. Every little thing is important,
    not only “numbers” but also opinions, states of mind, feelings, illusions or intentions.
  2. Analyze the Data – Now that we have the data, we must analyze it in detail, looking for strengths and weaknesses. We must be objective and very critical. I would suggest having more than one person on your team analyze the data because analysis can be very subjective.
  3. Project – Let’s use all our cleverness and knowledge. Brainstorming, workflows, checkpoints, goals… It’s time to make a plan!
  4. Work – Everyone working. Communication and coordination between all parties is essential. Everyone needs to be on the same page and understand the goals of the plan.
  5. Control – Are we on the right track? It’s time to step back and see if we are all rowing in the same direction. Mistakes are allowed, correction is mandatory.
  6. Results – Ok, our marketing plan is complete and we can celebrate! Not too much though, we have more projects to attend too!

I want to stress that having a plan that is not very good is still better than not having a plan at all. Put some focus and commitment on a marketing plan for your business and watch your sales grow today!

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